Artist Statement of Norman F. Simms


I am currently exploring the dynamic female and male portraitures and figures in a way that create visual drama and tension within my artwork. I create my portraits, nude and semi-nude paintings with a storyline with the surroundings colors and texture aiding in the narration. In my paintings I will introduce a wide range of lust colors, textures, and shapes depicting energy, movement, and beauty. For me, the human figures are filled with endless beauty. In my artworks I arrange the space and manipulation the colors, to produce a dynamic energy.


Lower Buck County is the perfect place for me to create art because of all of the rich history that is within this and the nearby areas. Philadelphia has more public art and murals than any other American city and The Grounds for Sculpture, a sculpture park and museum located in New Jersey has over two hundred and forty large-scale contemporary sculptures from all over the world.

I see art as a powerful and complex form of communication. I paint because I want to observe what my clients and I see, so that we both can feel the psychological and emotional connection within the art. When I find a figure or figures that I want to paint I spend a lot of time determining what composition will best fit the subject matter by making several thumbnail sketches. My palette consists of colors that best create this specific mood for what I am trying to express.

I feel that it is imperative for me to keep exploring new ways to see, and communicate ideas to educate myself, as well as entertain and enlighten my customers and viewers. What I want to do in all of my painting is to deliver a universal message; a message that states that life is a beautiful thing despite the bumps and unexpected twists we go through during the journey.