About Us

Juno Art Center Incorporated was founded as a Pennsylvania S Corporation on June 6, 2006 and given an employer identification number "20-4454218". The artist, Norman F. Simms is no different than many master portraiture artists who have spent many years developing their skill level. Norman is one of the rare masters who is skilled at this level. He does not just create a portrait of the face and body of his subjects, but he creates a collage of interesting items that are related to person being painted that enable him to create a true story of the essence of the person resulting in a truly unique portrait.



Norman Simms

Master Artist and Instructor

Phone: 267-585-3571 main 215 269-0390 mobile

Email: nfsimms@hotmail.com


He is delicate in creating a professional work of art of portraitures and teaching fine art to the person who want to go beyond average.


Deborah Davis

Contract and Account Specialist

Phone: 240-353-6163

Email: dd6010@comcast.com


She will get you stated in the right direction and make all of the arrangements for having you as a satisfied customer.

Avis Sykes

Event and Teaching Assistant

Phone: 202-997-3807

Email: avis_sykes@yahoo.com


She organize the upcoming events, and assist and the fine art educational programs.

Edward Simms

Professional Photographer

Phone: 909-496-5058

Email: edsimmsart@gmail.com


He is the thinker behind bringing out the best look for anyone having their portrait painted. The artist and the Edward will collaborate in creating a dynamic and memorable composition.