Statement from the Artist

Happiness consists in a frequent repetition of pleasure, which I receive from all of my students, clients and admirers comments.


I sincerely thank you all,  Norman F. Simms

Comments from my Students and Followers

Thanks so much Norman. I'm going to print this checklist out and tack it to my wall so that I can refer to it whenever I am doing art work. I've enjoyed and learned a lot from your instruction on pastel painting. I wish you all the best with all that you hope to achieve.


Donna Sheehan

Hello Norman, You are an inspiration! I've read all your posts. There are plenty of good artist in the world, but your work reaches the soul. It's personal to the viewer. Your work really shines and I think it’s a reflection of who you are as a person. Thanks for opening up and sharing your knowledge and wisdom.


All the Best, Jenee Watson

Norman, I'm enjoying this website so much! Your wonderful artwork reflects the man who created it. You have given so much to your viewers in both visual pleasure and knowledge of art and its creation. You inspire us to be better artist and to be mindful of an artist's obligation to our subject. You have reminded me to study the proven methods of the old masters and to continue to learn from professionals like yourself.


Thank you for all you have given as an artist and a friend.


-Sue Ott

Norman, I have only one word for you..... WOW.  Great word, huh?  I can't come up with any other word that expresses how your work touched me.


Barbara Wolfe