Each month - New Artwork will be placed here.  The artist will  show and explain the steps he used in creating the work.

Featured Artwork for January

This figure was create using oil paints. I start by laying down a thin layer of paint to establish the composition.

I begin to work on adding more color and tones to the painting. At this stage I am trying to determine what is working and what is not.

Jan - Oil on canvas Jan - Oil on canvas by Norman F. Simms

On the final stage of the painting, I create more contast on the shoes, for this is where I want my viewer to see first. This is my version of a modern day pin-up (Girl) woman. No, she is not typical of the one you are use to seeing.

Featured Artwork for Feburary

This portrait was create for my pastel class and I will share how I acheived the finish artwork in these three stages. In creating the "Young Woman" pastel portrait, I first create a drawing separating the lights and the dark values. Vine charcoal would be an ideal medium to use at this beginning stage.

I added color to the light and dark areas of the head structure. At this stage I am not worries about the details or refining the features, such as the eyes, nose, and mouth. Try and work with the medium tones. It is best to add darker tones because with pastel once you add a lighter tone it is difficult to get that tone to become darker, wereas if you have a darker tone it is easy for that tone to become lighter.

Young Woman Pastels  Demo Young Woman Pastels Demo by Norman F. Simms

I finish by adding details and highlights to the painting. Amature will often blend all of therse color together, try and show variety in textures over the entire artwork.

Featured Artwork for March

Artist often work over existing works of Art. In creating the paint The King, this is exactly what was done. Because I start my painting with thin paint and use just one tone (color) in the begining, it was easy to apply paint over the painting started before this painting.

In order to not get confused, I created a grid on the canvas and blocked off section of the painting so that I would only focus on one block at a time.

The King by Norman F. Simms The King by Norman F. Simms

I went over the painting making correction and applied color to the painting.

Featured Artwork for April

In the painting "Baptism / Surrender" I first developed the idea using watercolor to illustrate the mood that I was trying to capture.

Working off the initial idea- from the watercolor sketch, I changed a few things; I search for the ideal landscape setting and used an real model.  I change the outer format and the medium from watercolor to oil. I wanted to show more  God creation in complimenting surrounding landscape to add to the powerful statement of figure.


Baptism/Surrender by Norman F. Simms Baptism/Surrender by Norman F. Simms

In the final painting I wanted to show the figure surrounded by mother nature. Representing a powerful statement of the power the life itself.

Featured Artwork for May

I started this painting over top of an unfinished existing painting. I tried to whiten the background with thined whilte old paint first and started to create the composition with just thin tones of dark hues.

I work on the whole composition and add the elements need to balance the artwork.

Photographer Break by Norman F. Simms Photographer Break by Norman F. Simms

I complete the work by creating an combination of abstracts and realism to produce an interesting composition.