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Most artists depend on his or her gallery, for it is the medium by which we present our art to the public and the public can privately evaluate for themselves. Moreover, it is a collection of what we dedicate our lives to as artist. I am proud to say I have given a great deal of time to my artwork; you can view all of this extensively throughout my online gallery.


In 2006, Norman’s Fine Arts was established in Fairless Hills,, Pennsylvania. However, the works in my gallery only show a small sample of works, including portraits, nudes, still life and landscapes. The reason for this is so my students and potential future students can see the types of works that I do. Customer are shown a more complete portfolio to add and assist them in their ideas for there commissioned artwork.


By doing so, I can guarantee to customers and prospective students my skills and capabilities as an artist. Rest assured, if you are interested in obtaining a personalized portrait or painting, check out my past work for yourself. I would be happy to show you around.


For more information on my fine artwork gallery, contact me at 267-585-3571.

Studio Gallery of Norman Simms